jeudi 11 février 2010

My black and white paradise

Mon nouveau kit en boutique chez Digital Créa

Et un album de 4 quickpages
Et mes pages disponibles en quickpages

Et un echantillon de pages de ma CT

2 commentaires:

Smiloche a dit…

J'adoooooooooore! Il est canon ce kit!

MrsPeel a dit…

J'ai achetez c'est ca, J'adore aussi!!!
Thanks so much Stephanie also for replying to me so fast with the files.
I have bought many other kits from you before, but don't think I have ever posted anything with a full kit on the net that you can see, but I have just posted in my blog two layouts I made with this kit (Black & White Paradise) I put a link to your blog and also a link to the page where the kit is on sale @ Digital Crea, the credits are in the end of the post, here:

one of the kits I love the most of all yours is GoGo, I will try post it, I made a poster which we have in a frame in our house :)